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Recently,there was a bit of correspondence between moderators of our list about the question of whether aggressive Darwinists can be accused of being like Nazis.

Now, my own view on this subject is as follows: I don’t really care whether Darwinists who routinely launch or justify persecutions [such as?] against non-materialists are offended. It’s absolutely fine with me if they realize that their actions are closely observed and recorded.

By whom? The Department of Homeland Security? I'm not the one who makes statements at UD about violently overthrowing the government because of how the Supreme Court ruled.
I am concerned rather about any offence given to victims of Nazis and their children/grandchildren by too-casual use of such terms. When I was young (and, for a brief period, sick), I was cared for by several nurses who had camp tattoos on their forearms.

Well I have Jewish in-laws so go blow your kazoo. Are you sure those nurses weren't gay? They were in the concentration camps too, you know. Did you know that, Denyse? Did you know that some Jews are atheists and "Darwinists" BTW?
Enough of that.
Now more of that.  
Is the modern Darwinist typically a eugenicist? No, not typically, and that is something that has always puzzled me.

As you know, I have myself written several posts on the fundamental incoherence of Darwinists on the issue of eugenics, which Darwin himself brilliantly (and, I am sure, unwittingly!) demonstrated by his attitude to the Irish in his day.

Darwin - observing that, in the natural course of events, the Irish would overtake the other ethnic groups in the British Isles

The eugenic heritage is something that Darwinists have never properly dealt with - probably because they can’t.
Yes, we're not control freaks like you and accept that we can't change the minds of people who are clueless whereas you argue yourself into knots in an obvious effort to whip up the nerve to stop talking and start shooting.

The embarrassing problem is NOT that today’s Darwinists are really racists or anti-Semites but don’t want to be tarred as such. That’s clearly untrue.
Thanks for that, sistah. You're all heart, Denyse. Are any Jewish atheists? This is a quiz.

Rather, the embarrassing problem is that the early Darwinists didn’t really believe what they wanted the public to believe - that natural selection created all things bright and beautiful. So they
Please, I can't stand it. Who is she talking about? Who specifically "felt" what and how does she know what other people feel?  

Feeling robots? - Well, as long as you feel they feel, it is true for you. Or so they say. You’ll be doing all the feeling.
Yeah, I just read your post and I'm doing all the feeling - #### straight. I'm fucking terrified. I certainly don't expect you to do any feeling, you tightlaced, finger-waving, shaming prude robot-cog for the glorious intelligent design of a Christian theocracy in the U.S.! Leave my government alone, Denyse and Borne, since you can't vote here and I can. I'm not in your concentration camp yet.

There comes a point when I think I should walk away from all of this, because it’s seriously making me depressed, and scaring the living shit out of me, or if I should keep an eye on these people because I am scared shitless that they are trying to talk themselves into planting bombs and turning their guns on their neighbor in the name of God and goodness.

I am serious. All this talk of “eugenics” is starting to sound like jealousy to me! Obviously they do not see “Darwinists” (for the love of Pete that’s just a word they invented to dehumanize people – replace it with “Jews” and see what happens) as “things bright and beautiful” either. Maybe they can get rid of “us”? After all it’s not eugenics if they do it, since it wouldn’t be abortion, but war (and God loves war). Get it? And it's not eugenics if it's a "global experiment", either.

The planet is not on fire but "we are the arsonists." Figure that out. And we want to do something about it because we're horrible monsters. Got it.

I'm sitting here at work thinking, Crap, these crazies know who and where I am.

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