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*Gasp!* Borne says:  
Time for another new revolution.

Do any of you see civil war eventually coming out of this anserine thinking? [This "anserine" thinking being the Supreme Court's ruling on greenhouse gases, that was somehow "rigged" by the scientific community.]

Lord knows the suggestions and threats of violence abound. [They do? :(]

There’s no way this kind of stupidity can continue without consequences. Somebody has to stop this folly. [With another civil war? :O]

I can easily envision the US as a divided nation once again ending up at war within itself over issues like this.

From an non American stance, I can see the divisions growing wider and the sides taking clearer shape with each passing year.

Not a harbinger of peace.
So help me, I have thought about this, what people being turned back by armed cops during Katrina as they tried to cross a bridge that led to a suburb, and also with Bush's statements about quarantine if there was an outbreak of avian flu.

But I have thought of these things in horror. Borne sounds like he wants us to have a war.

I visited his blog and it's full of "atheism is nihilism, atheists may be nice but they're just fooling themselves, Darwinian life has no meaning" blah blah. Well, I must say, if things degenerated in this country I'd be the one smuggling refugees, like the atheists Anais Nin and Henry Miller in France during the Spanish civil war (and later, Jews during WWII - all those atheists in the French Resistance too, before the war ended and suddenly everyone belonged to it).

Where do these people get their hatred? The auto industry is also calling for the federal government to regulate emissions so they don't have to deal with a "patchwork" of state's rules. A war over this? Because of a ruling from a court that Bush has tried to stack? Is this a joke? Maybe they're having us on. But I'm pretty gullible in some ways and my hair stood on end. Are they serious?

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