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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 02 2007,15:47)

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William Dembski


3:58 pm
Russ: The non-religious may give less financially, but Iím not so sure about time. They seem quite committed to their political causes, and readily devote their time to them. And why give money if it can be taken by political force from the religious?

Okay, childrens, everyone get your EFs out. Arden, put that down! Okay, first put last years US charitable contributions in slot A. Good. Now, put the contributions of just 3 atheists, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros in slot B. No, Kieths, B, not D. Okay. Who can tell me what percentage of the population are atheists? Good - put that in slot C. If you've all done this correctly you should see the answer - "Jebus" - in slot D.

*Sigh* The reference to politics is a reference to global warming, I fear. Well, I see that there were floods this weekend near Waco, my wacko Theodicy dearie-dear. Just look for this sign if you-alls need to flee.
I admit that it's easier to sneak time from work to blog'n'blat than it is to give $$$ I don't have.

I'm tired of this sniping on this issue. I don't care who "gives more." I don't need to be "more moral" than anybody, but I just wish they could can the "they're all degenerates" crap. It really dashes my optimism.

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