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GilDodgen is a tard

At the core of Darwinism is essentially the notion that you really can get something for nothing ó free information, free complex machinery, free design. Ė from chaos and natural law. The second law suggests that you canít, so, obviously, the second law must not apply in the case of biological evolution, and anything can happen in an open system.
The logic is simple: We know Darwinian processes can do all this marvelous stuff because life exists, and there is no other materialistic explanation we can think of. Therefore, by definition, the second law must not apply to the origin of living systems and their subsequent diversification and increase in complexity and information content.
By the way, in an open system, isnít machinery required to use the available energy to do useful and creative work? If so, machinery canít come first, because machinery would be required to make that machinery.
This is why I contend that some scientists have gone mad when it comes to Darwinism. Theyíve completely lost the ability to think objectively, and recast the laws of nature at will to conform with Darwinian philosophy.

Physicists have gone mad w/r/t the SLoT. You heard it here first.

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