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"But the fact is, the rearrangement of atoms into human brains and computers and the Internet does not violate any recognized law of science except the second law, so how can we discuss evolution without mentioning the one scientific law that applies?"

The Philosopher said the Internets is not a big truck. It's a series of tubes. Ipse dixits. But I'm more interested in brains human brains. Let's look more closely at the creation of a new human brain, a prime example of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

It starts with dinner and candle lights, a sip of wine and conversation. Perhaps, you may consider the dinner and conversation to be an opportunity for the male to show off his social graces and his, er, wit. Or the candle light and wine to bring out the radiance of the female's complexion. And it is.

But more importantly, the dinner and wine serves a vital function. It's fuel, fuel to provide the energy required for the hoped-for mating, a jubilant exothermic reaction. Fuel to provide the energy and nutrients for the emerging human brain as it develops within the female. Cut off the fuel, the famale will not be receptive to the male's advances at creating a new human brain. Cut off the fuel for long, the female and the nascent human brain will cease to develop and eventually die.

While the Internets may not be a big truck, the human brain is a heat engine.

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