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Remember the guy with the spectacularly dumbass SLoT disproof of evolution, Granville Sewell? He's back:

31 March 2007
Is ID science?–a 30-year old opinion
Granville Sewell

In 1978-79 I was visiting professor in the computer science department at Purdue University, when the student newspaper (the Exponent) published a letter to the editor comparing “creationists” to “flat-earthers”. My reply, given below, was published a few days later. The reason I thought this 30-year-old letter might be of some interest to UD readers is how nicely it anticipates the current debate on whether ID is science or not (especially the last paragraph):

As Pat Hayes said:

The March of Progress
Granville Sewell: Defending creationism then, supporting ID today. Because it's all about the scientific evidence.

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