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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: April 01 2007,06:05   

Phonon said …”OT, but this is great!!

And is that Phyllis Schafly or Rita Cosby?”
Off topic-follow up.

Speaking of peanut butter...
I’ve been slumming at a creationist website.
One of the hosts is a YEC guy called Aaron.
(The other host is a mysterious entity called Seeker who claims “I have a degree in biochemistry and did many years of genetic research.”)
Understand that if you can.

Anyway, back to Aaron...

He didn't believe it was real!
“I thought it was funny from a perspective that it was well done to look like a Christian program, but the point was silly and blasts a strawman all to pieces real good.”

Peanut Butter Christians.  Mmmmm.

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