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Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 31 2007,10:57)
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Why oh why do people think that mechanism is so necessary to design detection? Why canít they see that minds donít operate by any mechanism that we can understand and that mechanism resides in the absence of design.

Well I'll take a clumsy stab at this - not from a scientific perspective but from a humanities one (may I do that?).

When I think "mechanism" I'm thinking of a means, a medium, a process that is cumulative, as opposed to, say, a magical eruption of something into existence.

As you suggest, I think that when we discuss mechanism, we are referring to the process of putting ink to paper to tell a story, or drawing a bow across a string to evoke a feeling, or laying stones for a foundation to build a bridge; or in the case of Biblical Creationism, God took the clay of the Earth and breathed life into it; or with Intelligent Design, the unspecified designer manipulated the genome by some unspecified method, at some unspecified time, for some unspecified purpose.

Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 31 2007,10:57)
Poof! Instant art.

Even if we assume that thought itself is completely metaphysical, spiritual and ineffable, the creation of art requires manipulating some aspect of the real world. The inspiration might arguably be instantaneous, but the art requires an act in the natural world.

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