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Zachriel picked up on a stupid comment by Joseph but missed Pixie's nice answer: from

Joseph: “By looking at an automobile can you tell me who designed it and how it was manufactured? I doubt it.”

Pixie: Look at the front of most cars you will see a symbol or emblem; might say “Ford” on it, for instance. That will tell you the name of the company that designed and created it. A big clue I think.

A different stupidity from Joseph (#48) that I found even funnier:
(From Joseph) Again the double-standards are obvious. Anti-IDists want IDists to have or at least search for every anal-retentive detail before they will consider it. All the while knowing that their position is void of details and hangs on imaginative narratives.

Let's see - Natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, recombination, sexual selection: absolutely no evidence other than some stone-age fables recorded by barely literate bronze-age goatherds and published without peer review in a big book.

Creation by god: Regularly documented by observations in the field and well understood and verified via frequently reproduced experiments in the laboratory.  

Dagnabit, I guess Joseph really has us there.

And I guess Joseph's point is further nailed down by that well-known quote by ardent evolutionist Dr. Michael Behe, where he said that the only evidence that would convince him of creation by god would be a complete step-by-step list of everything involved, a detailed account of the processes that would be operating, demonstration of the practicality of the expected time scale over which the creation would be expected to occur, other potential ways to solve the problem which might interfere, and much more.

Or not.

Tard is at its best when it leavens stunning stupidity and ignorance with a giant dollop of projection.

Edited to add two other Josephic Gems:

ID does NOT say that evolution cannot produce IC. That you would say such a thing exposes your ID ignorance. Thanks, although it has been very obvious that you don’t understand the basics.


Why is that? You do realize that no one is saying that “God” had to Create a perfect design or even if the design started out perfectly that it had to remain that way.

Genesis 1: .... and God saw that it was good ..... and God saw that it was good ......and God saw that it was good  .... and God saw that it was good ........ (Genesis 1:31) And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.
Yep, I'm going with Joseph on this one.

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