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Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 30 2007,10:09)
Pixie is destroying Joseph.

The Pixie insists    
Come on, just one specific example to prove me wrong. Simple or complex. Say what the evidence is that would lead you to conclude design, and I will see if I can tell you anything about how it was done.

If Joseph would actually consider this question critically, it might result in a bit of understanding on how artifacts are scientificially studied, the limits to our ability to understand such processes, and how dependent we are on what we have already experienced. The primary methodology of forensics is to compare a particular case to previous instances in order to link the evidence with the method and with the perpetrator. In fact, the identification of the cause of a fire, human or otherwise, is the entire point of fire investigation.

Contrariwise, Intelligent Design.

This game of pressing for the nature of the designer has been tried many times before and it shows the shallowness of those asking the question.

(If you're not familiar with Terry Bisson, don't forget to click the links on "meat" above.)

The struggle against ignorance is to the end of time. But it is said that if you die in tard, you will be reborn in Tardhalla.

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