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Not knowing everything does not mean not knowing anything.

We have been studying Stonehenge for how long and still only have vague notions about it. Using your logic that should mean we declare Stonehenge a wholly natural product that did not require agency involvement.

We have strong scientific evidence that Stonehenge was built by a particular species of tool-making primate called "humans". These organisms are bipedal, have twelve-pair ribs and three ear bones in each of two ears. They have a variety of cultural adaptations that have resulted in the erection of a variety of lithic monuments. They appear to communicate by flapping their meat at each other.

By looking at an automobile can you tell me who designed it and how it was manufactured?

Humans are also considered the most likely cause of "automobiles", a special type of meat container.

I think it is pretty safe to say that Dr Sermonti knows more about genetics than the Pixie does.

Perhaps. But the vast majority of geneticists disagree with Sermonti's position. An appeal to authority is valid when

 * The cited authority has sufficient expertise.
 * The authority is making a statement within their area of expertise.
 * The area of expertise is a valid field of study.
 * There is adequate agreement among experts in the field and the cited authority is expressing that consensus.
 * There is no evidence of undue bias.

The proper argument against a valid appeal to authority is to the evidence, which is exactly what The Pixie has presented. Joseph's appeal to authority fails because Sermonti has been unable to convince his own peers of the validity of his views.

Joseph referencing Sermonti for the umpteenth time:    
Prof. Sermonti ... maintains that Science is of the same stuff as the Fairy Tales.

Like Snow-White, Red-riding-hood and Cinderella.


You never step on the same tard twice—for it's not the same tard and you're not the same person.

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