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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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Quote (wintermute @ Mar. 29 2007,07:03)
bevets is a tard

I am firmly convinced that no theory of human evolution can be regarded as satisfactory unless the revelations of Piltdown are taken into account. ~ Arthur Keith

Of course, he doesn't provide a source for this quote. Was it his The Antiquity of Man from 1915, or perhaps Concerning Man's Origins in 1927?

80 or 90 years ago, some (but by no means all) scientists fell for a deliberate hoax, which was later definitively revealed to be fake. Therefore, all scientists are wrong about everything.

My standard response to every fundie nutter who wants to yammer to me about Piltdown:

Whenever fundies talk about Piltdown Man, they for some odd reason neglect to mention a few things:

First, it was EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGISTS, not creation "scientists", who discovered the Piltdown fraud. The creation 'scientists" were just standing around looking stupid.

Second, many of those evolutionary biologists rejected Piltdown right from the beginning, since it did not fit into the established fossil sequence. While they did not suspect fraud, they did suspect that the jawbone and the skull simply did not belong together.

Third, the evolutionary biologists (not creation 'scientists') who discovered the fraud did it using RADIO-DATING techniques --- the very same ones that creationuts keep telling us are so wildly
inaccurate and unreliable.

And finally, since creationists reject both radio-dating AND the order of the fossil record, they have NO BASIS AT ALL upon which to declare that Piltdown is a fake anyway. Not only did the creation 'scientists' not discover the Pitldown fraud (they were just standing
there looking stupid), but they COULD not have, since they "don't believe in" the very things that led evolutionary biologists to suspect and then demonstrate that it was a fraud.

Since creationists reject radio-dating and the order of the fossil record, it would appear as if they simply have no reason to think that Piltdown IS a fake. . . . . .

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