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Double Davetard Monday:

DaveScot said...
Curious about what school district in their right mind would include a book on family illustrating a homo household for students only five years old I googled Lexington "David Park" and found it was Lexington, Massachusetts. Figures. I wonder if the parent can get a fair trial in that homo haven where the jury won't be a jury of peers but rather a jury of queers. ROFLMAO - I crack me up. Am I allowed to use the word "queer" here or is calling a poofter a queer considered name-calling?

Dave, here's clue from yer old pal, Dave. Uncommon Descent is a private blog not a public school. Just so you know, freedom of speech doesn't apply in private settings. For instance, if someone is invited to your home and you don't like what they have to say you uninvite them and that's perfectly okay. Is there any part of that you don't understand?

7:05 AM

DaveScot said...
Dave asks "What's a Darwinist?"

A Darwinist is someone like Lynn Margulis according to Lynn Margulis who called herself a Darwinist when delivering the keynote speech at the 2005 "Woodstock of Evolution" held in the Galapagos.

Margulis began graciously by acknowledging the conference hosts and saying, "This is the most wonderful conference I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of conferences." She then got to work, pronouncing the death of neo-Darwinism. Echoing Darwin, she said "It was like confessing a murder when I discovered I was not a neo-Darwinist." But, she quickly added, "I am definitely a Darwinist though. I think we are missing important information about the origins of variation. I differ from the neo-Darwinian bullies on this point."

Thanks for asking.

7:11 AM

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