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The UD crowd are egging on "Dr" Dembski to get back into court
if one can be identified as a target of defamatory remarks, one has a right to sue, whether or not the identification was “intentional.” For the underlying point of a tort is “negect of a duty of care.”
Until and unless Professor Miller, Professor Forrest, Judge Jones, et al fairly and frankly face such, they are guilty of misleading he public and slandering the ID’s leading spokesmen through neglect of duties of care. (Were I Mr Demsski, I would be looking up a good Barrister in the UK, preferably a QC. At minimum, IMHCO, a correctibve Lawyer’s letter to the BBC, cc Mr Miller and also relevant overseeing powers in Parliament, is warranted.)

tribune7 adds  

kariosfocust, great post!!!!

Dr. Dembski, it wouldn’t hurt to make a phone call to some U.K. law firm specializing in libel/slander and see if you got a case to make the BBC correct the record.

Yeah, wouldn't hurt to make a phone call, wouldn't hurt to do some actual science either. And yet somehow I doubt either will happen, although I'd love nothing more then to see Dembski v Miller in court in the UK.
Dembski just don't get it. All mouth, no trousers. It's fine to challenge people to debates when you know they won't accept, it's fine to mouth off that Miller slandered you when you know that you'll do nothing about it then write about it on a blog. ID don't need your peer-review, it's got cheesy-poof review! The mobile command center is at Dr Dembski's disposal! Why not make use of it Dr Dembski? Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr.

EDIT: LOL! If you follow the link to kairosfocus website here there's a load of blah (including why Jones was wrong!) but there's also the classic line
no claim is made for absolute truth, and corrections based on factual errors and/or gaps or inconsistencies in reasoning, etc., or typos, are welcome.

Permission is therefore granted to link to this page for fair use under intellectual property law, and for reasonable fair use citation of the linked content on this site for church- or parachurch- group related training and/or for personal or specifically institutional academic use. [But kindly have mercy on the available bandwidth at a freebie site . . . ask me to use the page whole or make significant excerpts on your own site as appropriate . . .] This permission specifically excludes reproduction, linking or citation for commercial, controversial or media purposes without the Author's written permission -- especialy where matters relating to the validity and value of Faith/Religious/Atheological Commitments and Truth-Claims are being debated or disputed.

No linking to without permission? Obviously there's a deep misunderstanding of how teh internets work! You don't need permission to link! Seeya in court buddy boy!

I also mentioned that He'd have to give me a thorough explanation as to *why* I must "eat human babies".

if there are even critical flaws in Gauger’s work, the evo mat narrative cannot stand
Gordon Mullings

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