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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Mar. 25 2007,16:49)

I think I went to your Uncommon Descent, Bill, and asked a simple, intelligent question about your stance on Wells' HIV-AIDS link denial. What I got was a bunch of so-called men jumping on me for having the temerity of being an atheist (since age 9, people) without being a nihilist. "Prove that life has meaning."

I know what you mean. Fundies seem to get really purturbed when atheists aren't bleak, violent, misanthropic nihilists. They have a whole view of society made entirely of cartoonish stereotypes, and when a blatant exception to their stereotypes appears, they get quite cross...

What's always puzzled me about it is its hidden implication. It seems to say to me, "Shit, if I knew Jehovah wouldn't punish me, I'd kill rape and rob everyone I saw. He11, how stupid ARE you that you don't share my fear of God, yet you aren't a selfish nihilist?" Really? is this an, uh, accurate glimpse of what you'd do if your fear of a Big Sky Daddy punishing you were lifted? Explain to me again why your theism makes you a 'better person' than me?

Arden - this is the mentality that doesn't consider empathy. Empathy is the anchor in my life, and that's what I should have said to them. I can hear about some terrible thing happening to someone else and actually feel physical pain, and that's not theology or ideology, or rationality. But they think that anything pleasurable must be evil and that goodness is one long, hard march up Mount Improbable, as well as some great glass globe that can be shattered by the revelation of one (human) flaw. "How can you be good without God?" Well, I don't know, maybe when people stop thinking about themselves all the time they'll find that doing "charitable" things is a pleasure in itself and is, like life, its own meaning. And if you believe in God too, fine, like I care.

That was the theme of the film, "Jesus of Montreal," which I also suggested, at a different thread, that people at UD watch. (Did they? No, it's in Quebec French. They hate French people. In a Christian way of course, or in an agnostic-who-prefers-a-Christian-society way. I'll bet O'Leary won't even watch it.)

But whatever, it's all good. I'm sure that, come the moment when they have to act to help someone else, instead of just sitting at a computer bloviating, most of them would do the right thing too and not be the holier-than-thou, finger-waving  perfectionists that they come off as. I don't deny people basic decency and humanity just because they disagree with me.

I just don't see the point about being unhappy that there isn't one more destructive nihilist out there. Man, that I do not get.
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 25 2007,16:28)
But one wonders how he does [live with himself].
Apparently he does.
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 25, 2007, 16:28)
Dembski's arguments are not addressed at all, not even in straw form.  Perhaps he is feeling a bit miffed by that.

He should remember that he's alive to be miffed, unlike a lot of people. He's in America, and miffed. He's in good health, and miffed. His life is what he makes of it, and mine is what I make of mine.

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