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Bill opines: †  
HodorH: Itís [nonIDists thinking IDists are morons] not a strategy. Itís a fact, one that can be exploited.
But to what end, my dear? *Groan!*

I think I went to your Uncommon Descent, Bill, and asked a simple, intelligent question about your stance on Wells' HIV-AIDS link denial. What I got was a bunch of so-called men jumping on me for having the temerity of being an atheist (since age 9, people) without being a nihilist. "Prove that life has meaning." You'd think so-called Christians would at least remember the Bible verse that states that goodness does not delight in evil, but they seem bound and determined to curse the light.

The folks at Uncommon Descent are unhappy that atheists are not necessarily nihilists. Because that's "stupid," you know. And Bill is overjoyed because "we" think "they" are "morons." Well, I don't think Dembski is a moron, though I would say that he's acting like one. (It kind of reminds me of the old farts in my hometown who thought I was an "embarrassment" to my family because I was bookish girl. Never mind that I never brought boy trouble or drugs or anything like that to my parents' door.)

ID seems like a form of nihilism right now. Because I never really had any concept of "meaninglessness" until I came across this merry bunch. What a waste of energy. Frankly I think my talents can be better directed toward getting better HIV awareness out there (particularly in Africa).

And as for me and my "nihilism," I can live with myself if Bill can live with himself. And maybe we should let him do that. Frankly I couldn't care less if the guy is a doughead or not. He's a boring, selfish whiner. What he really can't live without is attention.

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