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The Wayward Hammer

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2007,16:03   

ID does feel like the walking dead right now, and the "Weekend at Bernie's" analogy seems the best fit.  Even if it was a bad movie.

But, the concept will stay with us.  Political power shifts and as long as there is a deep pool of people that are literalists the threat of something like ID will remain.

But, permit me a baseball analogy.  In the days before radar guns direct observation was the only way to judge the speed of a fastball.  Many people were quoted saying that someone threw harder than Walter Johnson.  Every new fire-baller was said to throw harder than Johnson.  Which made Johnson the standard.

First, there was creationism.  Then "scientific" creationism.  Then ID, which was really the same thing.  There will be something next and it will also try to be "Scientific."  Which makes the scientific method the standard for judging reality.  Which means ID, or the next iteration, will go down the same path and get the same results.  Nothing.

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