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Quote (N.Wells @ Mar. 25 2007,11:41)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 24 2007,19:07)
Believe it or not, it really helps that the other side..were such morons

Richard, I think that needs a little more trimming to be perfect.

Given the demonstrated willingness of Dr. Dr. Dembski and his fellow ideologues such as Salvador to quote-mine and pubjack and to claim that there is nothing wrong with such actions, I think it only fair that to note that at 5:07 PM on 24 March 2007, in comment #4 on the UD thread,
William Dembski said,
were such morons.

I strongly disagree.

...were such morons.

The ellipsis gives you complete deniability concerning an accusation of quote-mining (as long as you can keep a straight face (like I am right now)).

Its not a strategy. Its a fact, one that can be exploited.

Exploited for what purpose? What could possibly be your goal if not to convince your peers of the rightness of your position?

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