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In a new post at , Gil explands on his "wasted life" comments, but demonstrates that he really really doesn't get paleontologists.  He says,
What paleontologist would want to admit that he invested his life’s work in looking for transitional intermediates that never existed?

Although paleontologists are thrilled to find transitionals, and are happy to have a theory that offers a satisfactory explanation for the history of life, no paleontologists of my experience are driven by a desire to support a particular theory or worldview.  They do want understanding & scientific knowledge, but most seem driven by a love of finding and extracting fossils and by a glimpse into ancient times and lost worlds.  Without the ToE, I think most of the paleontologists I know would be no less driven to find fossils than the many avid fossil collectors from pre-ToE times.  

Also, it bears repeating that most biologists and paleontologists would jump at the chance to replace the ToE with a theory with their own name on it, as long as they had the evidence to back it up and not come off looking like an uniformed and gullible ignoramus.  After all, that how you reach the pinnacle of being a Darwin, an Einstein, or a Newton.

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