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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2007,12:04   

Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 25 2007,04:55)
Does it feel to anyone else that ID is now mostly an historical event?

Pretty much. Dead as a threat to science education anyway. I expect it will stay around for a while yet though as a way to fleece people of their cash by selling ill-informed books and similar stuff.

Unlike Lenny though I think it was Dover that was the turning point rather than Kansas (although Kansas was a heavy blow). Surely most of us was worried in the run-up to Dover? They had a (aparently) dream choice of Judge. It was only after the trial comenced that their stupidity started becoming obvious. Not just the rubes either, but Dembski fleeing and the Behe moment etcetera were all priceless.

Think back to the pre-trial confidence of ID once Judge Jones was anounced as the person to hear the case. I can certainly remember being a tad nervous.

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