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This is my favorite post ( other than Dembski's ) on the "Proving my point at the Panda’s Thumb" thread at UD:
I think Bill was referring to the tactic of having your opponents “misunderestimate” you (as Bush made the statement famous), which allows you to raise above their expectations constantly. If they have no expectations of you, you can always rise to the challenge

Oh yeah. Jason the Greek "explanatizing" Billy's smooth move while claiming direct similarity to *snort* George Bush's shrewdness..because it allows one to rise above the expectation of idiocy when challenged.

Oh, yeah...set those standards HIGH, Jase -- it's all a cunning ruse. Good thing you play it so close to the vest, otherwise people might just think you're all brilliant academicians. You've got them all fooled!

Oh, and Jason? That Norwegian Blue parrot Billy just sold you is merely "resting his eyes."

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