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Quote (franky172 @ Mar. 23 2007,06:46)
And what they can’t explain, they can deny or rule out of order (psi, for example).

Well, evidently Denyse has evidence that psychic abilities exist!  Where might this be? (wait, let me guess - I have to buy the book!).

Frankey - Good Post - It looks like UD's loss is our gain, but I think you are wrong about a couple of things:

1.  Dr. Peter Venkman has been doing research in the area that Denyse is focused in on.

2.  We were able to  obtain a picture of the latest equipment that Densyse will use to help Dr. Venkman in his research.  

The only holdup thus far, is that Dr. Venkman is adament that the research process is enhanced with using ONLY 18-20 year-old co-eds, and he is still in the process of selecting the appropriate parties.  However, Dr. Venkman, in previous studies, HAS shown that Friday nights are a GREAT selection opportunity, so he is very confident and feeling somewhat lucky!

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