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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Mar. 23 2007,06:38)

So, let's get this clear. They say that co-option is not a real phenomenon and the evidence they provide for this is a link to a previous story on UncommonDescent. Well, case closed, i'm convinced. However, for the other 99.999% of people, GilDodgen has some actual work to do proving that co-option is not an option. And posting to where DS says "co-option is not an option" does not count!

How inane! Is this what passes for proof in ID circles? A link to a discussion where they proclaimed it so? No wonder they are going nowhere fast. It's hardly a "cite" now is it? :)

I'm still waiting for Dembski's "ID friendly univeristy lab", or whatever it was, to be announced! I suspect it will never be.

And any news on Biologic? Over at OW they are talking it up and wanting to buy shares in it!

They have to deny co-option because that's all they're doing. What do you think quote mining is? Co-option!  :)

Besides, the Dembskis of the world don't understand reusing anything, anyway. They spit out their silver spoons and think that's proof of their "being from Texas." (Kind of like a president I could mention.) I've used fishing line to substitute for a screw I didn't have, but they don't build anything, they just steal from other's finished constructions.  That's all ID is.

I'd like to see Dembski's ass in the woods, without his 'puter or his palm pilot; see how helpful he is, trying to light a fire without a match. "We are the arsonists." ("Bill, does Eve here have to start this fire too? I'm awfully grouchy when I don't get coffee.") :D

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