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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 23 2007,09:59   

Oldmanintheskydidntdoit beat me to a mention of the latest GilDodgen rubbish, but the tard level is so high it is worth a fuller quote:


...... Ken Miller, in a BBC documentary entitled A War on Science, distorts and misrepresents Bill Dembskiís methods for inferring intelligent design.

Kenís constant distortion of ID theory is very revealing. He canít address the real arguments, evidence, or logic, so he makes stuff up. Itís like what Judge Jones said regarding irreducible complexity, that Behe ignores co-option, as though co-option is a real phenomenon and not just a made-up story that defies evidence and logic.  .......

Personally, I donít think that Ken is insincere. I think that his entire professional life, and sense of purpose in life, is so invested in Darwinism that he canít imagine that this philosophy might be wrong. If it turns out that it is wrong, Kenís life will have been a wasted effort, and no one wants that engraved on his tombstone.

Projection, projection, projection, plus a little nonsense and fibbing.

As long as they can keep this up, we need have no worries about whether UD will continue to be entertaining.

Edited to add: To further support my point about projection, Dr. Dr. Dembski has just followed up GD's post by saying, in small part,
Miller has a talk that he gives on campuses throughout the U.S. titled ďThe Collapse of Intelligent Design.Ē Let me suggest that if there is any collapsing going on, it is in Millerís psyche and in his increasing inability to prosecute a reasoned argument when it comes to ID.

To which I can only add, "pppfffffffftt!"

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