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Thanks, ToSeek, yes, that's what I was trolling for! (Trolling is a fishing term up here....)  
Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 22 2007,13:09)
I don't know what the #### they're going to do. There are problems with trying to change names again. For one thing, it didn't work the last time, it didn't even come close, and for another, they'd have to throw overboard all the young, enthusiastic guys like Casey and Salvador who are tied to the Intelligent Design anchor.
I'm sitting here watching a show about the Galapagos and how the older blue-footed booby chick pushes the younger out. Cruel, but effective (and if we teach ID in schools, boobies won't be cruel to each other anymore?). Maybe we will see the younger ID hatchlings get sacrificed. Wouldn't that be ironic (and funny)?

Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 22 2007,13:09)
They certainly haven't figured out what to do. At the moment they're in a holding pattern, just babbling amongst themselves on blogs, with no big moves on the horizon.
True, but there's some weird upcoming creationist excrement out there just waiting for the IDudes/UDudes to step in it and track it in...I promise... :) Creationism never sleeps.

It just insists that it's not really that late and that it hasn't been drinking. :p

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