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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 22 2007,17:11)
Uncommonly Denyse:
The skinny: Materialist neuroscience argues that the mind does not really exist. The mind is merely the functions of the brain or a simulacrum thereof. The mind is merely the functions of the brain, so you do not really have a mind, let alone a soul or free will.

Thanks for posting that rare example of Canadian Logic™ *.  In a similar vein:

Light is merely the function of a light bulb so you do not really have any light, just a light bulb.

* Named after MinLogic, a word coined by the BibleScience Newspaper** people a couple of decades ago.  It was supposed to stand for Minnesota Logic, but it turned out to mean MINimal LOGIC.

** A group of pre-ID creationists from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

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