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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 21 2007,17:14   

Quote (Bob O'H @ Mar. 21 2007,13:14)
If intelligence was purely genetic and materialistic, the trend would be for humanity to get stupider as time goes on.

Anyone care to provide the punchline?  Or just too easy?


Yeah, I saw that (and thought of the punchline). But that's an interesting statement... I really don't see why anyone would assume greater stupidity.

Is this part of that "it's all going to blow up/fall apart/disintegrate/and mean nothing so hopefully Jesus will come back soon" motif? Are there some men over there reaching the age at which they realize that the prostate is not intelligently designed? Well, tell me about it. I'm getting older, too.

(*foreshadowing*)  :)

The key is black humor. The surrealists believed in it. It was their way of uniting Comedy and Tragedy (which one of my old theatre pro-fuss-or insisted could not be done).
:)  :(

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