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Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 21 2007,13:44)
Pardon me, but I beat Richard to it.      
Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 20 2007,22:11)
Darwin said some nasty things 136 years ago. And Scorn'dOva Dover quote mines Darwin, but here's the full context:       
Once as a very little boy whilst at the day school, or before that time, I acted cruelly, for I beat a puppy, I believe, simply from enjoying the sense of power; but the beating could not have been severe, for the puppy did not howl, of which I feel sure, as the spot was near the house. This act lay heavily on my conscience, as is shown by my remembering the exact spot where the crime was committed. It probably lay all the heavier from my love of dogs being then, and for a long time afterwards, a passion. Dogs seemed to know this, for I was an adept in robbing their love from their masters.

Less than two years ago, Dembski had some nasty things to say, too. Does it lay heavily on his conscience, considering what we now know about a lot of that "looting?"

Even Darwin didn't say, "Just shoot the starving 'unwashed masses,'" which is Dembski's favorite phrase for - what are they called - oh yeah, people. (He includes himself in that phrase, he says. Right, I guess that means he waited tables and napped on the floor of the women's restroom to put himself through college, too. No one discusses the issue of class in America.)

I'm just pointing that out.

PfffFffffff. It's all in the delivery.

Sorry Kristine, credit is yours.

Can I get an 8x10 glossy like DaveTard has under his pillow?

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