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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 21 2007,14:37   

Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 21 2007,14:27)
DaveTard claims censorship here:

DaveScot said...
Ah, the old passwords don't match trick. As Maxwell Smart would say, "That's the oldest trick in the book".

They actually censor what they don't like at ATBC but they won't admit it. A few months ago we were trying to start a rumor that Judge Jones actually does have a flatulence problem and I had a guy from UC Berkeley try to post an anonymous comment saying he was a witness at the trial and the fumes near the bench made his eyes water. I made sure the comment was posted from the UC Berkeley campus computer for authenticity so there was a hint of it being Kevin Padian (who called me "Dembski's Cerberus" in an email thread including Barbara Forrest and Richard Dawkins which tickled me pink given that Marines were nicknamed Teufelshunde, translated is "Devil Dogs", by the Germans in WWI) making the comment. The moderator at ATBC, Steve Story, would be able to see that the anonymous source was at Berkeley. Thrice the comment was posted under the name "RealFartSmeller" and thrice it was quickly removed. Granted we were being mischievous but it sure proved that they don't practice what they preach about non-censorship. Is it okay if I call that lying drunkard Steve Story a lying drunkard? If not then I won't say it. I can't confirm or deny that Judge Jones really has a flatulence problem but it does make you wonder if there's any real life inspiration for the infamous sound effects...

11:03 AM

Apparently we do practice what we preach. We preach that Davetard's comments are deleted, and in practice, we delete them, whether or not they're rerouted through Berkeley.

And I get an extra 10 points for being drunk at the time. Degree of difficulty and all that.

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