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Calling for Darwin's portrait to be removed from the 10 at its next redesign seems to be a shrewd move for IDers. Or at least as close as they ever come to being shrewd.

After all, there are many, many notable Britons who richly deserve a place on a banknote, and the Bank takes a redesign as an excellent opportunity to give the honour to someone new. Besides which, it makes it easy to identify which series of banknote you're referring to - telling people that the 20 depicting Edward Elgar is about to stop being legal tender (as will be the case in 2009 or 2010) is a lot easier than trying to describe the old security features to look out for.

So, Darwin will disappear from the 10, as Dickens did before him, not because of his morals, or politics, or science, but because Winston Churchill (or Paul Dirac, or Alan Turing, or John Lennon) equally deserves a place.

And what will UD say, when this inevitably comes to pass? Will they claim that this is evidence that "Darwinism" is falling out of popularity in Britain? Will they claim that their "grass roots" movement had anything to do with this change? In short, will they lie through their teeth about its significance?

If they didn't, would they be the UD that we know and love?

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