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Arab isn't a race, by the way, it's a culture and a part of the world centered on the Middle East, so it's really not possible to be racist against Arabs.

I just want to point out here that while Arab/Middle East/Islam overlap, they are separates sets. "Arab" is not "a culture," it's a lineage and it has many cultures.

There is no one monolithic "Arab culture." How many Arabs have DaveScot actually met? He should know that the majority of Arabs in the United States are Christians. Lebanese in particular get pissed off when they're assumed to be Muslims. Does he define Persians as "Arabs," too? They're not. Afghans, who are largely Muslim, are not Arabs. Indonesians, who are largely Muslim, are not Arabs. Some Arabs are Jews. (What does he think Hagar and Ishmael were?) Doesn't he know this? Doesn't everyone know this? Come on!

I too have issues with Islam, but let's be clear about who we're talking about, first! This is basic information. This isn't controversial, Muslim-hugging stuff.

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