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Quote (djmullen @ Mar. 21 2007,02:48)

I guess that means he waited tables and napped on the floor of the women's restroom to put himself through college, too.

I doubt it! †His father was a professor (of biology!) and his mother ran an art gallery. †I doubt if the good Dr. Dr. slept on many restroom floors.
Oh, Iím aware of our Dr. Dr. Dembskiís background. I was being sarcastic to make the point that this evolution Ė ID debate is also a class issue. Itís a game to Dembski to flip-flop as he does, depending upon which audience is in front of his face, but the ďunwashed masses,Ē who want to be told that somebody powerful cares about them, actually buy this stuff. Then they buy the other stuff: HIV doesnít cause AIDS, global warming is a myth, being gay can be ďcuredĒ by women wearing chemical-laden patches on their stomachs. (I notice that even though itís men who determine the gender of the zygote no one suggested that men wear the patches to prevent these gay sperm from being manufactured in the first place!) Itís just a little mental exercise to Dembski, Johnson, Wells, Behe, et al, to debate evolution and deny HIVís link to AIDS, etc. etc., but when they need good science for their families theyíll be able to go to Singapore if thatís what it takes.

In the meantime since I'm past a certain age Iím looking for a primary care physician and I never thought that some of the questions I would have to ask would be if s/he accepts evolution, believes that the earth is billions of years old, and will give me complete medical information despite his/her religious beliefs.

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