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Quote (J-Dog @ Mar. 20 2007,11:49)
Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 20 2007,11:50)
Boy, Dembski must be one controlling, morbid, humorless shit. (He tells that "God says to scientists, 'Getcher own dirt'" age-old joke too, and the audience laughs because they never heard it in their huge panorama of their livingrooms/attached garage/commute/work&church world. *Ba-dum, chuh!* He's there all year, everyone.) :p

Kristine - How could you be so wrong about Your Dr. Dembski?  If I can quote that Fine Upstanding, Cheesy-Poofed American, Mr. DaveScot Springer, who says you are Just So Totally Wrong about Mr. Bill - He's a laugh riot!  I just got this from For The Kids (Thanks for the link Richard)

DaveScot said...

Bill's a whole heck of lot less uptight in private with people he trusts. I thought it was hilarious when he got busted being the voice of Judge Jones. It was me who told him he got busted. In public he has to try to maintain a reasonable likeness to a seriously Christian theology professor at a Christian university. In private he's much more of a regular guy who you can have some laughs with. You're way more refined and proper than he is although if it wasn't for the Judge Jones animation no one who didn't know him would suspect such a thing.

Have some laughs with?  Hangin' Wit Dr. D?  Seems to me it would be like hanging out with those light-hearted playful Spanish Inquisitors.  Ouch!
First of all, I'm allergic to FTK so I never go to her site. :p

Bill's a whole heck of lot less uptight in private with people he trusts. He must trust only a few people, then.

He must be totally unconscious of how he comes off, then. Because he comes off as an uptight, harsh, an increasingly extreme outraged castrated monk. None of this "I could see ID embracing Jews and Muslims and New Agers, etc." (yes, he actually said that); none of this "I have no problem with evolution per se, I just think that it isn't primarily responsible for the complexity and diversity that we see" razamataz. Now it's "Christian Dominionism or bust *naughty word, we're Baptists* blazes."

Maybe if he allowed a little of this humor of his (which I have heard about from people who met him) I wouldn't be getting so fed up with the moralizing.

Maybe if he at least reassured me that he wasn't an HIV denialist and that he gives a shit about the current eugenics movement in Africa to deny that HIV causes AIDS which is decimating people in South AFrica right now, or that he cared about a doctor and five nurses just sentenced to death in Libya (opportunity to diss Islam, Denyse! Helloooo! ), I wouldn't be finding myself so repulsed by his games. But this is life and death.

That coin-flipping anecdote of Dembski's, that's precisely what's going to play out if we don't get valid information out there about what causes AIDS or if we don't get our arms around the "superbugs" that are, pardonnez-moi, evolving into antibiotic-resistant nightmares. (I'm not even scared about avian flu; I'm scared of super TB.) We'll have massive deaths and the survivors will be the few in the empty stadium who get that lucky coin flip.

Tell me about "God's beautiful nature" then. Looky look who agrees with Bill. (Look how this hideous site has listed blogs like "Aetiology." It's toward the bottom.)

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