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Now that’s more like it for a disclaimer …
William Dembski

Remember those disclaimers such as “this paper in no way endorses intelligent design” or “this article in no way challenges evolutionary theory” (see here for instance). Well here’s a disclaimer that appears right at the start of a forthcoming book on evolutionary computation — one that is being published through a recognized academic outlet:

   Disclaimer: The Editors are not endorsing evolution as a scientific fact, in that species evolve from one kind to another. The term “evolutionary” in the evolutionary computation (EC) simply means that the characteristics of an individual changes within the population of the same species, as observed in the nature.

Way to go!!

I really don't understand why this is posted.  Dembski's posts are getting more moronic as the days go by.  O'Leary's posts are starting to look like Shakespear compared to Dembski's.  There never is any substance to his posts.  They are just sort of lazy cut and pastes with some childish comment attached.  What a TARD.

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