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Quote (J-Dog @ Mar. 20 2007,08:14)
Quote (keiths @ Mar. 20 2007,00:47)
It's even better than you think.  Dembski stole that coin-flipping example from Richard Dawkins, who used it in his 1991 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures to explain why coincidences are not evidence for the supernatural.  The demonstration begins at 3:30 into this video:

Keiths:  So, you're basically saying that a fine upstanding Christian gentleman, that actually teaches at a Seminary for Christ's sake, with 2 doctorates to his name would stoop to lying and using unatributed quotations in public?  What's next?  Hiring a moronic thug to manage his website I suppose?

The irony of Dawkins’ parting words in that video (as he performs the Foucault experiment): “I felt the wind of it.” There’s a mighty wind blowing up toward Oxford from Waco! *Fart* It seems obvious to me now that Dembski is just tagging after Dawkins, imitating him and delivering parodies of Dawkins’ lectures. I'm surprised he didn't make a #### fartimation about Dawkins.

But J-Dog, it's you and I and everyone here who is not attributing works to the right author! Because we don't give God the glory (or if you're a Christian in one of the "mainline churches or seminaries" that Dembski derides, shame on you!;)! We're the plagerizers (and the arsonists), get it?

Boy, Dembski must be one controlling, morbid, humorless shit. (He tells that "God says to scientists, 'Getcher own dirt'" age-old joke too, and the audience laughs because they never heard it in their huge panorama of their livingrooms/attached garage/commute/work&church world. *Ba-dum, chuh!* He's there all year, everyone.) :p

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