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21 January 2007
Ph.D.s in Obfuscation — Or, Simple Truths Denied
In another forum, Denyse wrote:


Bear with a simple lay hack here a moment: Why must we know a designer’s intentions in order to detect design?

If the fire marshall’s office suspects arson, do the investigators worry much about WHY?

Surely they investigate, confirm their finding, and turn the information over to other authorities and interested parties, without having the least idea why someone torched the joint.

ALL they need to be sure of is that the joint did not torch itself, via natural causes.

The observation Denyse makes is so obvious that one would need a Ph.D. in obfuscation not to see it. Common sense is not so common, at least among those with a foundational commitment to materialism.

Let's see what happens in the real world:


This is an overview of what the Investigator starts with to determine the origin and cause of the fire.

Conducting a systematic backwards fire scene examination, the Investigator can identify the area of origin.

Through witness statements it was determined the lawn mower had been used and parked in the garage a few minutes before the fire.

Burn patterns point to the lawn mower as a possible cause for the fire. The area shows there was a plastic container next to the lawn mower.  The heat from the mower's muffler caused the container to ignite.

Wow - look at the pathetic level of detail © in this just-so story©. Witnesses, the agency is identified, fire / design tracked back to its source, the implements that were used to cause the fire and facilitate its spread, motive or lack thereof established...

ID is *very* selective in which questions it asks...

Take the SETI canard.. Triangulation and math would allow us to know from where and when and the message itself would likely tell us who..

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