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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 17 2007,07:25   

In the last couple of days, Dembski has posted two ID experiments to UD: the empty cage, and the green goo.

Do you think he's working on a science fair project?

If so, Bill, there are lots of other neat ideas here!

Some of my favorites:

14. Can salt water and fresh water fish live in the same water or not?

Guess that one has something to do with the Flood.
53. Were all the animals friendly to man before the Flood? Idea: raise several baby animals like snake and mouse together to see if they remain friends as they are older.

That one may not have such a happy ending.  Next time try it with a lion and a lamb.

65. What affects skin color? Is one color better than another? What was God's purpose in this?

Riiight. [backs away slowly]

22. Could a person function without thumbs? or What would it be like to not have thumbs?

8. How much voltage or current can a human take before he is killed? Could do experiments on a plant.

Or you could do them on the guy whose thumbs you just cut off.

49. How does friction work?

Remember, kids, always use plenty of lube...


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