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Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 07 2006,08:36)
True story.  Sucky part of that for them is that I was one of the faithful.  I really just wanted to reconcile what the Bible was teaching, I wasn't in any way questioning my faith... until I got the run-around.


It was also the beginning of several years of internal turmoil (not to mention the beginning of the end of my BJU career), for which I am now grateful, but wish never to repeat.

It’s been five years since I left the church (and my 18 year long job as a pastor) and I am still trying to reconcile many things in my mind.  You mention you were “one of the faithful.”  I prefer the word “sincere.”  I see very few in the church who are there for sincere and intellectually honest reasons.  That’s one of the reasons I left.

I can readily accept the Bible as errant, but I do believe it is a reliable account of man’s understanding of his relationship with the Judeo/Christian deity.   Perspective is everything.

The reasons I choose to remain a Christian despite what I have seen and experienced in the church are two-fold:

First, the principles work in my own life.  Keeping a Sabbath has allowed my wife and I to raise two incredible young men—both of whom are sincere, thinking, compassionate and strong.  Loving others has helped me to build relationships that are strong and mutually beneficial.

Second, (at the risk of sounding like Zero) I have had numerous experiences which lead me to believe there is a “spiritual existence.”  I don’t have a complete grasp of that spiritual “place,” but I am confident it exists.  In my own life I have been able to grasp that place through worshipping the Christian God.  (That is not to say others may have been able to grasp that place through other means.)

(If anyone is interested I would be happy to post some of those experiences at my blog and we can discuss them.  There are hundreds of them documented in my journals over the last 25 years.  Some could obviously be subjective, but many are difficult to explain.  I am not an evangelist, but I would like my thinking on this matter critiqued and you guys seem more than able to discuss logical fallicy.)

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