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Quote (Louis @ Dec. 07 2006,04:50)

You got booted from BJU after one semester for thinking? Shortly after which you engaged in the game of horizontal table tennis?


Oh dear, I think I've just pissed a kidney laughing! That HAS to be the funniest thing I've read since what Kristine said a post or two ago. You guys cracketh me up.


True story.  Sucky part of that for them is that I was one of the faithful.  I really just wanted to reconcile what the Bible was teaching, I wasn't in any way questioning my faith... until I got the run-around.

I was a damned good preacher-boy, too.

It all started with a conversation about the classic "where do babies go when they die?"

I couldn't reconcile "God is Love" with "No man cometh unto the Father but by me".  The short answer is they go to ####.  There is no "Age of Accountability" in the Bible.  That's a feel-good church doctrine to appease the masses.

It was only the first of a list of questions.

It was also the beginning of several years of internal turmoil (not to mention the beginning of the end of my BJU career), for which I am now grateful, but wish never to repeat.

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