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Bad hair day? I can see your issues with the serpents of this plane(t). There's something you can help me with, as a gorgeous gorgon that is. You know the hair on your head is actually snakes, well is that a {cough} erm "universal" problem? If so does it make getting a brazillian something the late great Steve Irwin would have to do as opposed to one's beautician? What brand of under arm deodorant do you use? Does a roll-on get gobbled up? Inquiring minds STILL want to know.


You got booted from BJU after one semester for thinking? Shortly after which you engaged in the game of horizontal table tennis?


Oh dear, I think I've just pissed a kidney laughing! That HAS to be the funniest thing I've read since what Kristine said a post or two ago. You guys cracketh me up.



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