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Quote (Kristine @ Dec. 06 2006,15:47)
So, I think I’ll go float in another dimension with the UD steam angels, like TerryL:

My favorite Chesterton quote: “The falsity of religion disproves the existence of God no more than the existence of a forged five pound bank note disproves the existence of the Bank of Scotland.”

Ahem. The falsity of Piltdown Man disproves evolution no more than the (all together now!;) existence of a forged five pound bank note disproves the existence of the Bank of Scotland. Which I've never seen by the way. Turn about is fair play…

How many snarky evilutionist steam angels can dance in a bead of sweat on WAD's upper lip? Is he hoist by his own petard from heaven by a golden chain or an iron one? If a man makes a statement about intelligent design in the woods of Waco and a Minnesota woman isn’t around to hear it, is he still cute?

Speaking of Chesterton again, here's another quote (from the Father Brown novels again), that all those Crusaders against naturalism over at UD should read:

The taller priest nodded his bowed head and said:

"Ah, yes, these modern infidels appeal to their reason; but
who can look at those millions of worlds and not feel that there
may well be wonderful universes above us where reason is utterly

"No," said the other priest; "reason is always reasonable,
even in the last limbo, in the lost borderland of things.  I know
that people charge the Church with lowering reason, but it is just
the other way.  Alone on earth, the Church makes reason really
supreme.  Alone on earth, the Church affirms that God himself is
bound by reason."

The other priest raised his austere face to the spangled sky
and said:

"Yet who knows if in that infinite universe--?"

"Only infinite physically," said the little priest, turning
sharply in his seat, "not infinite in the sense of escaping from
the laws of truth."


A look into DAVE HAWKINS' sense of honesty:

"The truth is that ALL mutations REDUCE information"

"...mutations can add information to a genome.  And remember, I have never said that this is not possible."

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