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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 01 2006,14:28)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 01 2006,13:51)
Based on the written component of my driving test, MY IQ is 187.

Plus, girls, boys and sheep all find me *very* attractive. I'm just mentioning this because ,erm, I'm a millionaire.

Do women beg you to father their childen, like they do with DaveScot?

They fawn and posture to receive my seed. They know good genes when they see them. They are designed, not RM + NS jeans. RM + NS Jeans are K-Mark or maybe target. Mine are Versace Designer Jeans. Oh shit, I just named the designer.

Do you know that I live in a submarine like captain Nemo? Except mine also converts into an aircraft carrier so I can fly my stealth fighter thatís the best in the world that I designed 60 years ago. AND Michael Dell sends me a Christmas card.

"Richardthughes, you magnificent bastard, I stand in awe of you..." : Arden Chatfield
"You magnificent bastard! " : Louis
"ATBC poster child", "I have to agree with Rich.." : DaveTard
"I bow to your superior skills" : deadman_932
" was Richardthughes making me lie in bed.." : Kristine

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