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Multiple Universe Detector

Oi Fellas – Just done some research, between growing mushrooms in my basement and working on my yacht. Do yachts *have* basements? Never mind…

So you get a fracterial blagella and put it in the top there… where it says ‘start’...

Now this is the important bit – CSI – Go and watch CSI Miami.
Come back and you should know if the mulitverse theory is right or wrong. I’ll be here all week. Do you know if my Nobel prize will come 'Fedex overnight'? If it comes tomorrow can Steve Story sign for me? I’ll be on my plane and its got a special speedometer thing that’s in light-years per moon month so I might be in Alpha centuri by then.

PS. I have more money than you. ALL. And women want to me to impregnate them… hang on… Coming mum, YES, I am on the internet..5 more minutes… Okay, I’ve gotta go, I’m writing software that basically is better than the internet. Except I did that 50 years ago.

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