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An interesting exchange between Barrett1 and Dembski on the "troll of the month" thread:
I think this whole notion of the university as a cult of Darwinist worshippers is completely overblown and damaging to the ID movement. Itís often a convenient excuse for poor scholarship and casts us as victims of ďthe man.Ē Like Godel, our theory needs to be laid out as nearly indisputable to topple the reigning paradigm. And yes, that means being held to a higher standard than the Darwinists. Itís like boxing and all of life for that matter. Frankly, I like Davisonís approach. He doesnít complain about the man keeping him down or worse, spend time complaining about holes in the Darwin theory. At least heís laid out an alternative and heís no victim.

Comment by Barrett1 ó August 2, 2006 @ 8:34 am

Barrett1: What have you experienced at the hands of scientific materialists? Are you aware of the Sternberg case? The pressures directed against frontline ID proponents are real. From your armchair, it is easy enough to say that we need simply to get to work. But families and livelihoods really are under threat by these Darwinian fascists, and when our days are spent trying to shore up the latter, the former does not get done.

Comment by William Dembski ó August 2, 2006 @ 8:43 am

EDIT: Sorry, incorygible -- you were ahead of me by only two minutes so I didn't see your post.

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