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Quote (J-Dog @ July 17 2008,09:06)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 17 2008,08:49)
Quote (silverspoon @ July 17 2008,08:40)
I’m not sure which of the following applies. I report, you decide.

Kairosfocus is:
A) Taking Howard Ahmanson and Phillip Johnson for a ride showing them the world that ’should’ be theirs.
B) Heading off for Tierra del Fuego in order to establish the Peoples Democratic Theocracy.
C) Escaping an angry calypso band after he sang the Banana Boat song ("daylight come and we wanna go home")

Ummm, I think that the giant gassy object is KF. The basket holds BA^77 and bfast, who are just along for the ride.

Is that Dembski, Denyse or DaveScot that produces the necessary hot air to keep this baby in flight?

I'd say they're listening to Evo rhetoric and the heat for the hot air is being produced from their foreheads.

I guess when they keep on hearing the same stuff over and over about how ID isn't "real science" but Darwinism is, they get a bit mad.


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