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kairosfocus on education and politics:  (link):

What I did say on education is that we need to soberly recognise that “schooling” has now by and large become indoctrination in highly dubious — and destructively incoherent — evolutionary materialist secularism, and that this extends to the media, policy, courtrooms etc. I therefore put up that those who are concerned should by now have removed their children from the schools and colleges that are propagandising them [and this extends to for instance Global Warming etc too] and set up an alternative system.

Similarly, we should all remove our support from the propagandistic so-called mainstream media, and boycott those who put advertising money into supporting such systems.

By now there should be a comprehensive K - College alternative education system in place,and in effect a large scale, well-supported alternative economy and media. ...

On politics, I first of all spoke to the responsibility of all Christian citizens of the US to register and vote their biblically instructed consciences. That could in principle be enough to fix the rot, and peacefully. For the general election is in fact an institutionalised potential — thankfully, peaceful — revolution and point of accountability of officialdom before the people they serve under God.

But if, and when, such reforming actions are confronted with oppressive force and attempts to subvert or destroy the alternatives — totalitarians, historically, seldom yield power without fighting — then I pointed to the precedent set by the principles of interposition by lower magistrates, using the USD DOI of 1776 to make my point.

Yikes - that's pretty radical, but I like it when these guys come right out and tell the truth about what they think.  Tear down the educational system and take over at the ballot box - where have I seen that before?  Oh yeah, Kansas.  This year, for instance, Kathy Martin, one of the creationists from the last science standards debacle, is running for BOE on a platform that includes continuing to fight materialism in the science curriculum and support for private and home schooling.

There are lots of people who think as kf does.  It's a bit scary.

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