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CJYman provides an excellent analysis of a 'straw man' argument, a fallacy of equivocation. First, he shows how Expelled redefines "Darwinism", then how that redefined term leads to Hitler and the Holocaust.

CJYman: It seems to me that “Darwinism” as it is defined and used in Expelled is explicitly materialistic. Since materialism is a philosophy, Expelled is showing what evolution combined with the materialistic philosophy {/anti-ID framework} has accomplished as evidenced in Hitler’s application of Darwin’s materialistic hypothesis to society.

Great work, CJYman!

CJYman: Expelled *did* show how a leader took a scientific idea and applied it to society.

That would be a pseudo-scientific idea. As you know, dressing an idea up in the language of science doesn't make it science.

CJYman: Sure, people who claimed to represent Jesus made up some pathetic and horribly selfish excuses to “Crusade.” However, they went completely against the foundational teaching of the One with who’s name they identified themselves. They represented Jesus’ teaching in no way, shape, or form!

So those who "took up the cross" were not Christians. Nor was Martin Luther a Christian, then! Nor most of Europe through most of the history of Christendom. Nor most modern day church-going Americans.

Ah, they're not *true* Christians. Another fallacy of equivocation. Great work once again, CJYman!

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