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Is that Roy Spencer the same Roy Spencer that is a global warming denier?

Yes, the same Roy Spencer who works with John Christy at University of Alabama, Huntsville (or some appropriate expansion of "UAH", might not be a comma there).

The two who first published satellite temp reconstructions about eight years ago that claimed to show a cooling, rather than warming trend.  Touted by the Wall Street Journal and others as "the wooden stake driven through the heart of the AGW myth".

The only problem was that they'd made a few errors in their calculations, including one rather embarrassing sign error.  Took others years to ferret out their various errors (and the errors in the corrections they made to their first errors).

As it turns out, another outfit, RSS, who took the lead in exposing the UAH team's errors, has for years now published their own reconstructions.  Both they and the UAH gang's now show warming that's roughly consistent with the ground station record.

So now Spencer's off on some whacky pseudoscience stuff to "debunk" AGW.  For instance, all the CO2 is coming from the ocean, not our burning of fossil fuels, despite direct evidence to the contrary (such as "look at all that fossil fuel being burned!", and isotope evidence, acidification of the ocean showing uptake of CO2).  And there's some weird mechanism letting all the heat leak out of the troposphere into space.

Etc etc.  Total whackadoodle stuff.

So it's not really a surprise that he's a creationist, is it?  If it's still surprising, maybe the fact that both he and Christy are devout conservative fundy southern baptists will lessen the surprise?

(though christy is far more honest about climate science, taking more of a "it won't be bad" stance than the outright denialist position, and if he's a creationist has had the good sense to be quiet about it).

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