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StephenB: Dave, I was responding to your selective quote, not mine. Nevertheless, I will silence myself before I get silenced, if that hasnít happened already.


DaveScot: If I banned everyone who thinks Darwinís theory of evolution was a necessary factor in the holocaust Iíd have to ban about 50% of the ID supporters here. It seems to be a group psychosis closely associated with a refusal to believe the earth is more than 10,000 years old. So donít worry it. If it was MY blog I would definitely throw that crowd overboard so the ship doesnít sink under the weight of it, but it isnít my blog so I donít - Iím just following orders letting the young earth Nazi card players have a voice here.

Just following orders.

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
There is only one Tard. The Tard is One.

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