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StephenB: Dave, I was responding to your selective quote, not mine. Nevertheless, I will silence myself before I get silenced, if that hasn’t happened already.


DaveScot: If I banned everyone who thinks Darwin’s theory of evolution was a necessary factor in the holocaust I’d have to ban about 50% of the ID supporters here. It seems to be a group psychosis closely associated with a refusal to believe the earth is more than 10,000 years old. So don’t worry it. If it was MY blog I would definitely throw that crowd overboard so the ship doesn’t sink under the weight of it, but it isn’t my blog so I don’t - I’m just following orders letting the young earth Nazi card players have a voice here.

Just following orders.

The struggle against ignorance is to the end of time. But it is said that if you die in tard, you will be reborn in Tardhalla.

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