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(Permalink) Posted: July 16 2008,12:51   

Quote (olegt @ July 16 2008,10:10)
Tard advisory

Tardmeters around the world registered a strong uptick this morning, indicating an influx of fresh, unscreened tard in the environment.  The source was traced to a naked singularity in the tard field that had escaped from the UD bunker and was last seen at Telic Thoughts.  

Click on the link AT YOUR OWN RISK.  You have been warned.

olegt, have you ceased posting at TT? Or are you banned batted bagged barred just like Zachriel?

Same question for Zachriel.

(Oh, and we are on the wrong thread, but what the heck, anything to get this tired old warhorse of a thread up to 1,000 pages*, where we can give it a decent Viking burial: put it on a burning boat, set the boat adrift in the middle of the internet, celebrate with mead and wenching as we watch it float off into the mist, and then await the thread's as-yet-unnamed successor to arise Phoenix-like from the ashes- which oh crap are floating down the bloody river, now whose stupid idea was that anyway...)

*30,000 posts, Arden

"Humans carry plants and animals all over the globe, thus introducing them to places they could never have reached on their own. That certainly increases biodiversity." - D'OL

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